Soku Lobby is a in development matchmaking program for the Touhou fighting game Hisoutensoku (12.3) 「 東方~非想天則 」. Currently, it is in the beta stage. That means you can download and use the program to find matches, but there are some bugs and unimplemented features.

Although it is home for Soku players, we have grown. We’re a community for playing Touhou games, Doujin games, fighting games, general Touhou talk and other things. The program provides a list of everyone online, and everyone in-game – it is easy to find a match. This is a downloadable program that connects to a central server.



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The lobby netplay (game rooms) and relay are currently disabled due to technical issues. Please host directly using /host and check to see who’s hosting with /whohost. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Won't you donate some coins to Reimu? If you’re interested in playing some Touhou games, chat about Touhou and Doujins, or just join the community, feel free to join us!
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Goal: $250
Current: $250


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If you like the program and would like to see it stay online, please donate! Server costs are $20/mo. – so anything helps. Donations go towards helping the lobby’s server stay online and supporting development, plus you get an achievement and mentioned below. We greatly appreciate your contributions!


Thank you to the following donators!

Name Amount
Cyberlennoxxx Cyberlennoxxx $200.01
Culukeh Culukeh $200
Hazelyn Hazelyn $95
benjix benjix $90
sigonasr2 sigonasr2 $85
Dog of Hazelyn Dog of Hazelyn $80
Native Faith Native Faith $50
Blue Rogue Blue Rogue $50
PhoenixM PhoenixM $50
Avatar - $50
Avatar Terrewee $30
Avatar - $30
Yaffy Fan Yaffy Fan $25
kos-mos kos-mos $22
Bobbyjacks Bobbyjacks $20
Laraso Laraso $20
SILENT1497 SILENT1497 $20
NanoSatellite NanoSatellite $20
linkcma linkcma $20
Shuue Shuue $15
aquamarin aquamarin $14.73
Skivin Skivin $14
Aristocrat Aristocrat $13.37
Shintear Shintear $10
Samidare Samidare $10
Bane Bane $10
Dango Dango $9.99
Avatar - $6.59
Reina Reina $5
Bobman Bobman $5
Andy Andy $5
pichu0102 pichu0102 $5
Avatar - $5
Undi Undi $1
Avatar - $1

Not everyone provided a username when they donated. If your name isn’t on this list and you did donate, please send us your receipt and we’ll make sure you get credit!